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More than just a brand of clothing and trainers, Converse is already a true legend in the history of fashion, which first succeeded in making it big on the basketball courts of the United States and then established itself as an icon for several generations and continues to do so to this day. It sets trends in street-style, thanks to maintaining the same spirit that brought it to life more than a century ago. It remains faithful to its tradition, respecting the heritage of an iconic brand, yet adapting to the latest styles, tastes and trends. It is a true classic that never goes out of fashion and develops new lines of women's Converse and men every season, to continue to conquer the millions of Converse fans around the world. In addition, it also has a collection of baby Converse, baby girl Converse trainers  and baby boy Converse trainers, as well as Converse for older girls and boys, so that the little ones in the house are as fashionable as their parents. In this way, Converse demonstrates its constant desire for innovation, both on the basketball court and on the streets of the world.


Converse was founded in 1908 and in 1917 revolutionised the world of sports footwear when it launched the now legendary All Star. Basketball players quickly appreciated their flexibility, comfort and durability. It is considered one of the first sports shoes in history and its popularity increased when Chuck Taylor, an American basketball player who played for several professional teams in his country, began to wear them, a fact that led to the birth of the legendary Converse Chuck Taylor All Star, one of the most legendary trainers of all time. Very soon, the athlete's name appeared on the patch of the trainers, thus becoming one of the most popular logos in the fashion world. And so, it continues to be thanks to the men's Converse trainers and clothing line, a style that has also been transferred to the children's Converse collections. Proposals that are renewed every year, and that always have the All Star, with new colours, designs and prints, as a reference of the firm.


Through the Chuck Taylor All Star trainers, the idea of sports Converse became a true icon of youth culture. Rock and punk bands, artists and celebrities adopted these trainers as a sign of modernity and a desire to show their own ground-breaking personality. Because Converse has always been one step ahead when it comes to sports and casual fashion. And the proof can be found in the Converse platform, a shoe for women that brings the spirit of the latest fashion to the world of trainers, achieving a result that stands out for its own style. As a result of this desire for constant innovation and to set new trends, the Converse Run Star Hike has also emerged, a Converse for women that continues to show off the brand's essential features, such as the rubber toe cap and classic laces, which incorporates a totally new and revolutionary sole system that ensures the utmost comfort and style. Just like the Converse Chuck 70s, a true icon of the decade in which it emerged that keeps its style intact.