Muraglia ceramic Octopus extra virgin Coratina olive oil


Muraglia ceramic Octopus extra virgin Coratina olive oil


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Sandro Gamazo, grandnephew of Alfonso de Hohenlohe, launches an organic olive oil in Istan that aims to repeat the success of his granduncle in Cortijo de las Monjas.

Medium-intensity spicy and bitter notes on the mouthfeel, making it a balanced oil. The olives are pressed every day of the harvest, thus preserving their organoleptic and physical-chemical properties. The polyphenols provided primarily by the Acebuchina olive stand out, making this olive "juice" unique.

- Andria
Europe - Italy - Apulia
500 ml
Otros datos de interés:
When we recovered an old olive grove that had been abandoned for decades, we found varieties of olive that had not been catalogued before. These varieties included one that was very special, particularly for pressing.
This lucky find provides us for the first time with the opportunity to enjoy a unique coupage that was almost forgotten by time. Along with these unique varieties, Hojiblanca, Zorzaleña, Verdial Vélez Málaga, Manzanilla Aloreña and various types of wild Acebuchina predominate. Our wide variety of olives makes it possible to obtain a very complex oil that features aromas of freshly-cut grass, artichoke and tomato plant with hints of almond.
These attributes are perceived intensely as the olive is picked at the right time and is prepared at low temperatures.


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