Los Peperetes sea urchin caviar

Los Peperetes

Los Peperetes sea urchin caviar


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Sea urchin caviar. Sea urchin from the fish markets of Fisterra, O Grove and Aguiño. Captured from the sea by divers in January, February, March and April. Processed by opening the sea urchin and extracting the roe, washing them and selecting them.

It is a product whose use is on the up and can be seen more and more frequently in nouvelle cuisine.

If you still haven't tried it, don't wait! It is traditionally eaten in northern Spain and is increasingly used by famous chefs in haute cuisine. Its flavour of the sea, aroma and smooth texture will surprise you. It requires very labour-intensive, careful production, with manual extraction of the roe at the right season, between January and March, to ensure the best flavour.

Use like pâté on toasts with condiments such as cheese or butter. In cooking it can be used in many dishes, such as scrambled eggs and omelettes or in fish and seafood paellas.


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