Castillo de Canena Arbequina extra virgin olive oil horizontal tasting

Castillo de Canena

Castillo de Canena Arbequina extra virgin olive oil horizontal tasting


Presentation box 3 bottle 375 ml

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Presentation box with 3 bottles of Arbequina extra virgin olive oil and explicative recipe book.

A gastronomic experiment to observe the evolution of the oils over three consecutive months: October, November and December. For the first time in Oil history a clear bottle covered with a UV filter has been used to preserve the oil, being able to observe the colour evolution. You can perform a horizontal tasting of these oils.

October: Green with golden hues. It has a very fresh and harmonised aroma, and an intense, salty taste with lingering fruitiness, fresh grass with chlorophyll marked tones.

November: Golden, limpid, with green undertone. It has a scent of baked apple, of dried olive and hay, and mild flavours, although with the strength proper of a good ripening point.

December: Intensely golden, brilliant and very clean. The aroma presents a sweetish, freshly harvested honeycomb undertone, while the taste is mild, very harmonic, of very ripe tomato, popcorn and well ripened fruit.

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We recommend the October oil bottle for first courses, November oil for main courses and December's for desserts.
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