Marqués de Griñón Limited Edition arbequina and picual extra virgin olive oil

Marqués de Griñón

Marqués de Griñón Limited Edition arbequina and picual extra virgin olive oil


Presentation box 2 bottle 250 ml

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Pack with two varieties of limited edition Marqués de Griñón extra virgin olive oil:

Arbequina Limited Edition: It is an explosion of aromas on the nose, a delicious combination of almonds, fresh-cut grass and citrus and sweet notes. Wrapped in extraordinary smoothness, not without personality, it recalls recently cut Golden apples and is well-balanced. .

Perfect to use on toast, with pasta, or with any type of grilled vegetables, and particularly with white fish cooked in salt.

Picual Limited Edition: Intense bouquet with nuances of tomato and tomato plants; lightly spiced, it has hints of nuts and nutmeg. On the palate its texture is velvety and fresh and it has a certain bite that we consider to be highly agreeable, denoting its high polyphenol content. Ideal for use on pulses, particularly chickpeas, or on any type of salad or tomato without the need to use vinegar; its strength is particularly good with grilled meat, wholemeal toast and smoked salmon.

Malpica del Tajo Toledo
Other information:
The oil press was built inside the estate to get a single-estate oil of exceptional quality, controlling important factors such as the ideal time and technique for harvesting and the waiting time before the olive is pressed.
The moment of harvest is critical, as optimum organoleptic properties and polyphenol levels are only maintained for about 8 to 10 days for each variety and plot. Only in well-controlled estates of a limited size and with more than one variety is it possible to harvest the fruits at the right time.
The olives are gathered after testing and analysis to decide the optimum harvest time. This is done with an innovative manual system, which is similar to the traditional method that has been abandoned in Spain due to its excessive cost. It is based on the use of recently designed vibrating combs which avoid hitting the olives and damaging the tree, as occurs with some mechanical systems.
Afterwards, the olives are taken directly to the olive press, which uses the latest technology to prevent olives from oxidation: this could lead to a deterioration in the quality of the final product.
Supplier information
Extra virgin olive oil
Marqués de Griñón Family Estates, S.A.
Finca Casa de Vacas CM 4015 km 23, 45692 Malpica de Tajo, Toledo
Net weight
250 Millilitres
In a dark place between 15° and 20°C.
Allergens information
Extra-virgin olive oil


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