L'Extornell wine vinegar


L'Extornell wine vinegar


bottle 250 ml


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El Priorat garnacha red wine vinegar:

This exceptional vinegar comes from the lower Priorat region.

in Catalonia. The land and the climate here are ideal for.

growing the powerfully flavoured garnacha tinta.

grape. The most famous and delicious Priorat wines.

are made from this grape; so only relatively small.

amounts can be made into pure vinegar.

Traditional VEÁ Garnacha Priorat vinegar is made.

in small quantities by local producers who have specialised in.

pure vinegar for around 100 years. They use wine that is entirely produced using.

the Garnacha tinta grape. The vinegar is produced under the.

personal supervision of Mr. VEÁ and is aged in ideal conditions to reach.

matchless maturity and flavour.


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