BBDetox green Kusmi Tea 20 bags

Kusmi Tea

BBDetox green Kusmi Tea 20 bags


44 g


325 € / kg

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Kusmi Tea was inspired by its now famous detoxification tea, which provides all your skin needs every day.

Other useful information
Detox: Because this is where it all starts - the combination of yerba mate tea and green tea, known for its effective elimination of excess fluid from the body, also improves your skin's appearance through increased elimination of toxins. Say hello to radiant, healthy skin!
Protect: Together with green tea - known for its powerful antioxidant properties - a powerful team, hand-picked from two plants, joins the battle: dandelion and rooibos, a South African plant with a sweet, fruity flavour.
Hydration: BB Detox Kusmi is the perfect solution for those may have difficulty in drinking one and a half litre of water a day.
This delicious blend of yerba mate tea, green tea and rooibos, flavoured with a subtle touch of grapefruit, can be enjoyed hot or cold at any time of day. Enjoy this tea throughout the day.
Supplier information
Torres Import, S.A.U
c/ Comercio, 22 - 08720 Vilafranca del Penedés España
Net weight
44,0 g
Water temperature: 85 / 90 °C Stewing time: 3 - 4'
Allergens information
Green tea, yerba maté, rooibos, guarana, dandelion, grapefruit flavouring.


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