Stepluxe gel slippers


Stepluxe gel slippers

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Stepluxe gel foam core pads contain a softer, more comfortable cushion that acts as a shock absorber, providing relief, a revitalizing effect, helping to reduce foot impact, lessens knee, leg and foot pain, giving you more support and Comfort, than traditional sneakers, relax the lumbar area ... above all will provide comfort, comfort and softness. They are made of soft microfiber with non-slip and resistant soles.


100% Polyester, and TPR sole.

Polyester: Polyester Microfiber. Corresponds to the outside of soft microfiber, brown color.

TPR: Thermal Plastic Rubber. TPR is a type of thermoplastic rubber, and thermoplastic is a type of plastic that thanks to its chemical properties, is a flexible and moldable material. Corresponds to the sole of the shoe.

Equivalence of sizes.

Talla S: 37-38.

Talla M: 39-40.

Size L: 41-42.

Talla XL: 43-44.