Fever-Tree Premium Ginger Ale Tonic pack of 4 x 20 cl bottles


Fever-Tree Premium Ginger Ale Tonic pack of 4 x 20 cl bottles


Pack 4 bottle 20 cl

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Colour. Clear and golden.

Aroma. Fresh ginger with a touch of lemon.

Flavour. Of special note the combination of the three gingers. Complex flavour thanks to the citric touches.

After taste. Extraordinarily transparent.

A tonic created to extol the aromatic notes of the great whiskies, bourbons, rums and tequilas.

Other information:
Its combination of the essential oils of three types of ginger make it a smooth, subtle and natural drink. The strong and earthy flavour of Indian ginger is characterised by its chocolatey aroma and taste. Nigerian ginger has a great aromatic intensity.
And for the first time in the history of ginger ale production a third type has been added: ginger from Ivory Coast. This ginger provides a great freshness and a marked aroma of lime.
Once the ginger has been collected and while it is still fresh its oil is extracted without it needing to be dried, which gives the final taste totally and, until now, unknown, new flavours. 
Supplier information
Ginger Ale
Osborne Distribuidora, S.A.
C/Fernan Caballero, 7 - 11500 El Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz)
Net weight
800 Millilitres
Este es un recipiente presurizado. Abralo con cuidado y lejos de la cara. Protéjalo de la luz solar
No especificado
Allergens information
Agua mineral natural, anhídrido carbónico, azúcar de caña, acidulante: ácido cítrico, jengibres naturales, aromas naturales, caramelo natural.
Nutritional information for each 100ml
amount% RDA*
Salt0 g0%
Carbohydrates8.4 g0%
Sugars7.1 g0%
Energy value34 kcal0%
Fat0 g0%
Proteins0 g0%

RDA = Recommended Daily Allowance


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