Terre Exotique salt diamond with grater

Terre Exotique

Terre Exotique salt diamond with grater


400 g


29.75 € / kg

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This delicious salt will surprise your guests. Place the stones as if they were jewels on your table... you can grind them using the grater that comes in the presentation box. It is the purest salt in the world.

It has a slightly less salty flavour than fleur de sel that combines well with most foods, and its drier structure allows it to be used in a salt grinder. Its colour can vary from pink to red depending on its iron content.

It is a salt of the earth, without iodine. Its colour and shape are elegant and dazzling.

Other information:
Just one pinch of Terre Exotique flavours will elevate your dishes to those of a French restaurant.
Terre Exotique offers premium quality from producers all over the world. Terre Exotique is a discovery and a culinary journey to other civilisations.
Raw ingredients from: Pakistan - Himalayas.


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