Akelarre limited edition Idiazábal shepherd's cheese


Akelarre limited edition Idiazábal shepherd's cheese

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A unique, limited production cheese, made by following ancestral methods only using milk from Latxa sheep from their own herd, and with a minimum ripening period of sixty days.

Cylindrical shape, with noticeably flat faces and a hard, light yellow rind. Compact paste, of a variable colour; from white to yellowish ivory, and may have small, sparse, uneven holes.

Hand-made cheese with a hard, smooth rind. This cheese has a strong, clean smell. Its flavour is characteristic of ewe's milk: a bit spicy, with a slightly “sheepy” taste which comes from the natural rennet, and a little salty with a certain acidity and sweetness.

A select sample of 2,000 pieces has been chosen for this Limited Edition hand-made cheese.Vacuum-packed and comes in a screen printed cardboard box.

D.O. Idiazábal Uztegui
Interesting information:
Protected organic production, thus guaranteeing their quality and authenticity, with processes that contribute to improving the environment and a sustainable economy.
AKELARRE is the dream of Ángel Linzoain, a shepherd descended from a line of shepherds from Iragi, in the pre-Pyrenees region of Navarre, and of Maider, Peio and Jon, young Navarrese entrepreneurs and farmers from the foothills of the Aralar mountain range.


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