Burela Currimar Biscay skipjack tuna fillets in olive oil 3-pack

Burela Currimar Biscay skipjack tuna fillets in olive oil 3-pack


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Can of Lonja Burela Biscay skipjack tuna, trolled and packaged using traditional methods, 100% manual.

A pure delicacy from the sea. Biscay skipjack tuna are fished one at a time from July to October, when they are at their fattest, offering a juicy, fatty meat. The pieces are selected based on their quality and size and are prepared the same day they are fished.

Traditionally cooked, the fillet pieces are packaged perfectly clean and cut with a knife, using a completely manual process; lastly, they are bathed in premium olive oil.

All in an effort to bring back the 'flavours from yesteryear' in a can without additives or preservatives.

Xove Lugo
Other information:
Best Sailing Towards 2020 Project in Brussels.
Production is carried out exclusively by women, following the tradition of the area.
Perfect for preparing snacks, tapas and salads, paired with roasted tomatoes or peppers.
Serving tip: Canapé of Biscay skipjack tuna in oil. Toast a slice of ciabatta bread and place a layer of confit onion and a few slices of ripe tomato on top. Then place the delaminated fillet on top, with a line of red pepper jam, whipped with olive oil.


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