Polaryte Sunglasses: black + brown glasses + Free Gift: Brown sunglasses


Polaryte Sunglasses: black + brown glasses + Free Gift: Brown sunglasses


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Perfect fit.

The design stops sunlight getting in on the sides.

Magnetic clipping for greater security and comfort.

Lenses suitable for the human eye with EN ISO 12312-A:2013 & EN ISO 12311:2013 certifications. This is a specific certification for Polaryte sunglasses. It guarantees the quality of the glasses and that they will not damage the human eye.

Polaryte sunglasses are governed by the principle of the 4 Cs: "Cutting glare'', "Clarity'', ''Colour'', and ''Contrast''.

They filter excess light.

High definition vision.

Combine style and function.

Protection from the sun's rays.

Ergonomic, light frames.

Category 3 polarised filters. The category indicates the level of protection from sunlight. Lenses are categorised into 5 groups:

Category 0 lenses are very lightly tinted and therefore their use should be limited to indoors or cloudy days.

Category 1 lenses are slightly tinted and are suitable for days with weak sunlight.

Category 2 lenses have a medium tint and should be used on days with average sunlight brightness.

Category 3 lenses have a dark tine and are therefore recommended for strong sunlight, in areas such as the beach or mountains.

Category 4 lenses, which have a very dark tint, should only be used for exceptional levels of sunlight, for example, when skiing or for mountain climbing.

Polarised glasses with UV400 protection: This means that they offer 100% protection from ultraviolet rays. They give protection for a wavelength of up to 380 nanometers.


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