Cotton Juice Baby Home large pink nursing pillow

Cotton Juice Baby Home

Cotton Juice Baby Home large pink nursing pillow


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Large pink nursing pillow. Removable cover.


The Cotton Juice large nursing cushion is very practical during pregnancy and nursing, whether breastfeeding or bottle feeding.

During nursing it helps both the baby and the parent. For the parent, it provides comfortable support for the arms (prevents and relieves tension in the wrist, elbow and back), and it makes feeding more comfortable and safe for the baby, as the cushion supports their head and shoulders, avoiding sudden movements.

Also, as their head rests on the cushion and not on the parent's skin, this avoids overheating and sweating. This cushion comfortably supports the parent's legs and back, producing a relaxing effect (especially during pregnancy).

It can also be used as a support cushion for babies while lying in the cot, on a bed, or on the play mat.

The micropearl filling with water-resistant coating adapts perfectly to the body and the washable cover ensures hygiene for the baby and parents.

118 (width) x 80 (depth) x 16 (height) cm
63 (width) x 15 (depth) x 43 (height) cm
100% cotton fabric. Filling 100% pol. (100% polystyrene).
Product weight
1.15 kg


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