The best Spanish clothing brands

The best Spanish clothing brands

The best Spanish clothing brands today are worn by the world’s top names in fashion. Fashion is an art and in Spain a myriad of designers have created their works taking inspiration from national painters like Goya, Picasso, Zurbarán and Sorolla

Top designers of the best Spanish fashion brands

Among the most recognised designers you’ll find Balenciaga, a cornerstone of Spanish fashion par excellence as his designs are all created by hand and he has really succeeded in making his mark. Then there’s Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, a designer from Madrid who took the world of fashion by storm. Her designs are characterised by being very original and colourful; a trait that she is renowned for all around the world. 

Women’s Spanish fashion brands

Besides that, Galician Roberto Verino stands out for always seeking maximum excellence in the quality of the fabric as well as in the pattern of the garment. This is a brand that combines elegance with sensuality and is still the star of many a red carpet to this day.

El Corte Inglés has the best Spanish clothing brands for every taste, gender and age. For example, Desigual, the brand for women was born in Ibiza and developed in Barcelona. Famous for its out-of-the-ordinary, full colour designs, each woman is unique when she wears one of Desigual’s famous dresses or coats.

Over time it also became a symbol of urban tribes like the punks, the skinheads, the hip hop movement and even university students with the college bomber jacket.

Men’s Spanish fashion brands

For men, on the other hand, there’s Pertegaz by designer Manuel Pertegaz, who opened his first workshop in Barcelona in 1942. This brand knows how to change with the times and has become a top name in both men's and women's pret-à-porter. Men can show off their chinos with a polo shirt and jacket, or with jeans and a cardigan. Huge versatility in just one brand.

For both genders, brands like Fórmula Joven or Easy Wear have a long tradition at the shopping mall, and are the fashion benchmark for many young people in Spain. For a more formal style that’s perfect for the day-to-day at work, both men and women can enjoy the wide variety of shirts by Mirto. But there are also polo shirts, T-shirts, trousers, dresses and skirts to be found for enjoying days off.

Spanish fashion brands for children too

There are different Spanish brands for little ones that offer them the comfort they need at the same time as enjoying the style they like best. Let's remember that fashion is a form of expression and that little ones can develop their own personality by choosing their clothes themselves. The Brotes brand or the Catalan Boboli offer upbeat, free and easy designs for babies, boys and girls.

And for a more urban and sporty style, boys and girls can dress in the characteristic designs by El Niño. In addition to that, and for a more formal children's style, you can rely on designs by Tizzas, which offers limitless dresses, shirts and even blazers for little fashion-lovers.