Black Friday Deals

Black Friday






What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the day when many shops offer highly promoted sales on electronic clothing, sports, and many other items. 

It is an American tradition that is celebrated on the first Friday after Thanksgiving. It seems to have its roots in Philadelphia when, one day afterThanksgiving dinner, the traffic in the city collapsed because of the number of cars that came out on the street due to a football game, so the police officers named that day “Black Friday”.

There is an alternative version of this day’s origin that gained popularity in 1975. On the first Friday after Thanksgiving, people begin to shop for Christmas. The term “Black Friday” comes from those retail businesses, which comes from the old bookkeeping practice of recording profits in black ink and losses in red ink. The idea is to sell enough on that Friday to put businesses “in the black” for the rest of the year.

Today, businesses in many countries (mainly retail) use that day to offer great deals for their customers on all kind of products.


When is Black Friday 2021?

Black Friday 2021 will take place on Friday, November 26 right after the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States. You will be able to enjoy the greatest deals at El Corte Inglés and purchase the things you always wanted to get for yourself or for your loved ones, such as sports clothing, technology, handbags, items for travelling, and many more. You can also visit our home store to get the best homeware for your comfort at a lower price or get the most needed things at our online babies store.


What are the Black Friday deals?

At El Corte Inglés, all the departments join Black Friday: fashion, home, decoration, sports,... Everything!!

Each one of those departments offers great deals that are varied no matter what you are looking for. That is why we invite you to check these deals and take advantage of the products you need at a lower price, such as women’s clothing, items of men’s clothing and even those high quality Spanish shoes that you always dreamt of. It is also the perfect time to get a head start on your Christmas shopping and purchase the desired gifts for your loved ones at a much lower price.


What will happen when Black Friday is over?

We will start by saying that, although it is called "Black Friday", you will be able to enjoy the discounts for several days after.

However, has Monday has arrived, and you haven't been able to buy everything you wanted? Stop right there! You will have another chance with the Cyber Monday deals to get the perfect gourmet foods for your holiday dinners or upgrade your childrens’ wardrobe with some items from the kid's clothing section at an affordable price. Cyber Monday  is also a perfect way to start the week and the last month of the year. But this time, don't let it slip by!