iRobot Roomba i7(i7158) vacuum cleaner robot


iRobot Roomba i7(i7158) vacuum cleaner robot


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Roomba® i7: Smart. Precise. Powerful. Analyses your home and learns from your routines so it can adapt to your life. Get a thorough clean when, where and how you want it, with a simple command to your Voice Assistant.

Keeps high-use areas clean and avoids others. The Roomba® i7 robot vacuum distinguishes the kitchen from the living room thanks to intelligent mapping, so you can create Cleaning Zones to direct your robot to the areas you need it most.

Just use the voice assistant or the iRobot Home app to let the robot vacuum clean dirt for you right when you need it: it cleans the spot you tell it to immediately.

The 10x suction power* and three-stage cleaning system, with two unique multi-surface rubber brushes that adapt to different floor types and prevent pet hair entanglement, always gets rid of the toughest dirt and debris. Plus, you have all the cleaning under control with the iRobot Home app or a voice assistant* Compared to the Roomba® 600 series cleaning system.

It will finish the job. Reactive sensor technology tells the Roomba® i7 robot vacuum where it can and can't go to avoid getting caught between furniture so it can keep cleaning your home.

Dirt Detect™ technology allows the Roomba® i7 robot vacuum to detect the dirtiest areas of your home and clean them thoroughly.

Not just smart, it's cool. The iRobot Genius™ smart platform brings true intelligence to your daily cleaning, understanding your home and your lifestyle to give you a superior level of control.

We know you have a busy schedule, so you can focus on the things you do and rely on Roomba® i7's intelligence to clean your home. It learns where and when you clean so it can give you customised schedules and suggest additional cleaning during pet shedding or allergy season.

Mobile phone not included in price.

Type of robot
Tank capacity
0.4 litres
Filter type
High-efficiency filter
Home Base charging station
1 Virtual Wall Dual wall
Additional filter
Special brush for edges
Power supply
Product type
Bagless vacuum cleaner
Important features
Wi-Fi, Programmable, Cleaning in 3 stages
75 min
Recharge time
Type of filter
High-efficiency filter
2 years


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