Google Nest Hub 2nd Generation Tiza Wi-Fi smart display with Google Assistant


Google Nest Hub 2nd Generation Tiza Wi-Fi smart display with Google Assistant


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Google Nest Hub 2nd generation Chalk Wi-Fi Smart Display with Google Assistant:

Introducing the second generation of Google's Nest Hub*, the home hub that helps you.

With Nest Hub in the kitchen, you can make dinner while watching Netflix, Disney+ or YouTube.

Ask Google to teach you recipes and follow them with just your voice. Listen to music from YouTube Music, Spotify and other platforms** with the enhanced speaker.

In the living room, Nest Hub lets you control your light, TV and other compatible smart devices with one touch or voice control from one place.

Placed on your bedside table, Nest Hub helps you wind down at night with soothing sounds and wake up in the morning with the Dawn Effect Alarm Clock. It can even help you sleep better with the Sleep Sensor***.

* To use Google Nest Hub, you need a Wi-Fi network, a nearby power outlet and a compatible mobile device (Android or iOS).

** Some services require a subscription.

*** Sleep Sensor requires a subscription, sold separately. Sleep Sensor features are subject to your permissions and settings. Uses motion and sound data, as well as other device and sensor data. The device needs to be close to the bed and calibrated to your sleeping position. Google Assistant, Google Fit and other Google apps may be required to enjoy all features. To use Google Assistant, you need a Google account. The Sleep Sensor is not intended to diagnose, cure, alleviate, prevent, or treat any disease or disorder. Please consult a health care professional with questions about your health. The location of the device and nearby people, animals or noises may cause inaccurate readings to be recorded.

Technical Specifications:

7-inch touchscreen (1024x600).

Speaker and microphones: Full range speaker with 43.5 mm transducer. 3 long range microphones. Microphone off switch.

Technology: Integrated Google Assistant. Voice Match technology. Ultrasound detection.

Sensors: Soli sensor for Motion Sense. Ambient EQ light sensor. Temperature sensor.

Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n/ac (2.4 or 5 GHz), Bluetooth 5.0. Chromecast integrated.

Processor: 1.9GHz 64-bit quad-core ARM CPU. High-performance machine learning hardware engine.

Power: 15 W power adapter.

Sustainability: The casing consists of fabric, a frame, a stand and several small parts and is made from 54% recycled plastic.

Type of product
Asistente digital con pantalla
Dimensions and weight
69.5 x 120.4 x 177.4 mm
558 g
3 years


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