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At El Corte Inglés, we want to promote all aspects of the circular economy.
This is why the sustainable products in this category reuse as many materials as possible, as is the case with this swimwear collection by Énfasis.

Part of the fabric is made of threads produced using plastic waste from our oceans, which have been treated for use in textiles. 

Swimwear Enfasis

£41,07  /   45,99€






Our collection is elegant and features pure and minimalist lines and intense colours that are reminiscent of the blues of our seas and which, like the sea, gradually fade into grey as you enter their depths.

£41,21  /   45,99€

It was created in support of the SEAQUAL INITIATIVE, which works to clean our oceans.






Énfasis aims to support and raise awareness of ocean cleaning and promote a cleaner and more healthy environment for this generation and future generations.