Autumn fashion trends for 2018

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There are as many styles as there are types of women: long, elegant, comfortable, sophisticated, cheery, bohemian… A long or short dress is always a great way to update your look. White for summer nights; black for any occasion. Pastel pink is a strong new trend for evening dresses, while rhinestones and appliqués become the stars of wedding guest dresses. If you are looking for plus size dresses, we have all the inspiration you need.​​

A woman can never have enough T-shirts. We have women’s T-shirts for every occasion: short-sleeve and long-sleeve T-shirts, basic and formal T-shirts, wide T-shirts and tank tops. But of course we can’t forget that classic garment: white T-shirts, easy to mix and match and extraordinarily practical. ​

Looking for a skirt? El Corte Inglés has all the options: denim skirts, leather skirts, white skirts for day and black skirts for evening. Feel sexy in your most special moments with our tube skirts or radiate sophistication with our long evening skirts. Find the waist style you’re looking for and get yours.​