Ensueño Mixteco México 100% Arábica express ground coffee

Ensueño Mixteco

Ensueño Mixteco México 100% Arábica express ground coffee


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Ensueño Mixteco Coffee, Designation of Origin Puebla, Mexico, is defined by its intense chocolate and almond aroma, with an extraordinary balance of acidity, medium body and clean finish.

This is an exclusive coffee given the production process, which, from start to finish, is 100% HAND CRAFTED. Hand picked ground and roast espresso coffee packed with the flavour of Mexico.

DO Puebla
America - Mexico
250 g
The jute bag reflects the artisan nature of the product. It emulates the henequen sacks in which the freshly-harvested coffee beans are kept. Inside the multilayered packaging is a valve that ensures packet stays airtight when resealed.
Other information:
The product of an exclusive crop, the beans are picked individually by expert local growers who select only the beans that have reached just the right level of maturity, giving the Ensueño Mixteco coffee its aroma, acidity and body.
As soon as it has been harvested, the processing begins and the beans are dried using traditional methods in large sieves in the shade. The toasting process is carried out right on the coffee plantation where the beans were harvested, which makes it possible to understand the coffee down to the finest details.
100 % Arábica


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