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Cuckoo Fruits Smooth Clementine juice


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Product Features:

The clementine is for many the queen of citrus fruit.

It has a potent aroma and flavour, a high quantity of vitamin C and minerals.

To obtain this juice we squeeze the ripest fruit straight away so as to extract all its essence and we then strain off the pulp, the result is a delicate and flavoursome juice; pure vitality.

These Juices & Purées are made with 100% natural fruit that is selected at the point of perfect ripeness.

Europe - Spain
Drink chilled.
Product of the Year 2014
Great Innovation Award
25 cl
Not made from concentrated fruit juice. Selected fruits. No preservatives. No artificial colours. No artificial sweeteners.
Other information:
Premium Juices & Purées made with 100% natural fruit, selected at the point of perfect ripeness so you can enjoy their authentic flavour.
Cuckoo flies wherever the best quality fruit is grown and waits until it is perfectly ripe.
It is then when it is squeezed for its juice, and this is done with the utmost care and without altering the fruit's texture, colour and flavour, while leaving the fruit's natural properties intact.
The result is juices and purées of the highest quality that are especially healthy; pure nature in a torrent of additive-free vitamins.
To keep them fresh, all that is added is a natural fruit preservative: a few drops of lemon.
This is why the only noticeable difference between the fruit and its juices is the texture.
A glass of Cuckoo fruit juice is like taking a walk through the countryside and savouring its scents.
Pick the fruit straight from the tree and taste it, fresh and healthy.
It is the pleasure of discovering what makes nature's genuine simplicity into something extraordinary.


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