Salinas de Formentera liquid salt

Salinas de Formentera liquid salt


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Natural Liquid Salt from Formentera contains 80% less sodium than ordinary salt, it is completely natural and does not contain any additives. Its pure flavour can be traced to the vast Posidonia Oceanica meadows on the island of Formentera (78% of the world's reserves) that filter and oxigenate all the components of sea water, purifying them naturally (more than 72 minerals and trace elements, especially calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, magnesium and silicon, amongst others).

- Formentera
Europe - Spain - Islas Baleares
250 ml
Other information:
At the Formentera salt flats, the ''salt liquor'', the liquid format of Natural Pure Salt from Formentera, is controlled and extracted, preserving all the original characteristics of pureness and mineral wealth of the sea that offer so many benefits to human health.
Our salt is a gift that nature has exclusively bestowed upon the Formentera salt flats, as thanks to the filtering and oxygenation of the submarine meadows, our salt boasts an excellent mineral balance, with an intense, pleasant flavour making it possible to reduce the consumption of sodium each day, ensuring you comply with the recommendations of the World Health Organisation, which call for us to reduce our daily consumption of salt by more than half in the fight against high blood pressure and obesity
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Formentera liquid salt
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