Comtesse Du Barry La Ribambille assorted pâté pack

Comtesse du Barry

Comtesse Du Barry La Ribambille assorted pâté pack


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A selection of original and sophisticated recipes made with different fish and seafood products. The aim is to provide a simple aperitif among friends.

- Gimont - Gers
Europe - France
50 g
Cream of tuna, brandade of haddock, cream with two salmons and vodka, and fondant of scallops with fennel and olives.
Other useful information
As with all Comtesse du Barry products, no artificial colouring or preservatives are added.
Supplier information
Ribambelle 4 tubs of pâté (Cream of tuna with tomato confit, King scallop Fondant with fennel and olives, Tartinera Cream with salmon and vodka and Salt cod brandade with ginger and lemon)
Mundial Gourmet, S.A.
c/ Joan Torruella, 45 - 08758 Cervelló
Net weight
200.0 g
Keep in a cool, dry place.
Serve chilled.
Allergens information
Cream of tuna with "tomato confit": tuna meat, sunflower oil 40%, tomato confit 25%, anchovy, extra virgin olive oil, egg, Dijon mustard (water, mustard seeds, vinegar, salt, citric acid), Sherry vinegar, fish gelatine, salt, white pepper. Contains: tuna meat, anchovy, egg, mustard, fish gelatine.King scallop Fondant with fennel and olives: cream, fennel 18%, king scallop 15%, cod fillet, egg, sun-dried tomato, green and black olives 7%, concentrated lemon juice, salt, white pepper, Espelette pepper. Contains:king scallop, cod fillet, egg.Tartinera Cream with salmon and vodka: milk, pork, salmon fillets 15%, cream, duck foie gras, vodka 2% (contains sulphites), salt, food gelatine, sugar, white pepper, nutmeg, tarragon. Contains:milk, sulphites, nutmeg.Salt cod brandade with ginger and lemon: potato, salt cod 23%, cream, extra virgin olive oil, onion, lemon rind 3%, salt, ginger 0.5%, white pepper, sweet paprika. Contains: salt cod.


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