Hacienda Guzmán Family Reserve extra virgin olive oil

Hacienda Guzmán

Hacienda Guzmán Family Reserve extra virgin olive oil


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HG family reserve is a unique product. A world-renowned oil. It is the result of a careful selection process from the source to the end product, a wonderful juice of freshly pressed olives, 100% manzanilla.

Total dedication, a unique setting, the ideal climate, hand-picking, excellent manufacturing process and opaque packaging preserve the aroma and flavour in perfect conditions, making HG an exclusive experiences because of its limited edition of 10,000 bottles.

- La Rinconada - Sevilla
Europe - Spain - Andalucía
500 ml
Other useful information.
Hacienda Guzmán provides the experience of enjoying a select extra virgin olive oil, the result of the labours and know-how of a family that has been working with oil for over four generations. 
All Hacienda Guzmán oil is produced in a 16th-century olive estate where a strict manufacturing process limits production.
Only with rigorous olive selection and a thorough manufacturing process of the highest standard can olive oil be made into a true experience.
100 % Manzanilla
Supplier information
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Aceites del Sur- Coosur S.A.
Ctra. La Carolina Km 29. 23220 Vilches (Jaén)
Net weight
500 Millilitres
Keep away from heat and direct light
Allergens information
100% Manzanilla extra virgin olive oil
Nutritional information for each 100g
amount% RDA*
Energy value3700 kJ0%
Fat100.0 g0%
saturated14.0 g0%
Carbohydrates0 g0%
Sugars0 g0%
Proteins0 g0%
Salt0 g0%

RDA = Recommended Daily Allowance


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