Dualuxe, gel cushion


Dualuxe, gel cushion


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The Dualuxe cushion is a smart cushion that makes any chair more comfortable. It uses a revolutionary technology that combines gel and foam to provide additional support that makes any type of seat more comfortable. It's made with two layers of high-density foam that cover the relaxing-effect gel in the interior. The gel uniformly distributes the body's weight to eliminate pressure and reduce its effects on muscles and joints. It's perfect for those who have to spend a lot of time sitting at work, as it also helps you relax and improves circulation to the legs. You can take it wherever you want, and the cover is machine washable.


Dualuxe filling: Polyacrylamide gel 50% and bag of polyethylene gel 10%.

Dualuxe cover: 100% polyester.

Foam bases: 100% polyurethane.

Gel bag: 100% polyethylene, filler (gel): water, glycerine, cellulose gum.

47.5 (width) x 7 (height) x 38 (length) cm
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