Linda natural pear juice with Sichuan pepper


Linda natural pear juice with Sichuan pepper


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Linda Pear is 100% natural. It is not carbonated and has no added sugars. Linda Pear is different, it is not just any pear juice; as it is mixed with Sichuan pepper (a province in China), it has an aromatic and slightly sweet taste. This pepper, unlike the regular variety, is not spicy; try it and be amazed!.

Linda Pear has no secret ingredients. It is made with water, 100% natural pear juice, a bit of 100% natural lemon juice and the special touch of Sichuan pepper.

The pear is a refreshing, sweet and tasty fruit and is, most importantly, the source of many nutrients.

It is a fruit rich in water, which is very useful when watching your figure. Due to the quantity of fructose, it is highly recommended for athletes during physical exercise. It is well tolerated by diabetics thanks to its high content of levulose. It also has a high concentration of pectin which helps intestinal movement.

Sichuan pepper is highly valued in Eastern medicine; It has analgesic properties, improves digestion and also has aseptic properties. It is highly recommended for strengthening the immune system during temperature changes. Lowers cholesterol levels thanks to its vasodilatory properties.

And last but not least, Linda Pear also contains 100% lemon juice, which is rich in vitamin C. Linda are drinks made with fruit and top quality products, 100% natural, no preservatives, no artificial or added sugars. Linda Pear and Linda Lemon are the perfect drink choice at any time. Best served very cold!.

Circular Economy
Recycled Glass
This type of glass production requires 26% less energy and 40% less water.
- Madrid
Europe - Spain
Serve cold and shake before serving.
25 cl
Other information:
No added sugars.
Supplier information
100% natural pear juice with Sichuan pepper
Ginger & Nuns, SL
Calle Diego de Leon 59, 28006 Madrid.
Net weight
250 g
Keep in the fridge once opened.
Allergens information
Pear juice, water, lemon juice and Sichuan pepper extract.
Nutritional information for each 100ml
amount% RDA*
Energy value41 kcal0%
Fat0 g0%
saturated0 g0%
Carbohydrates10 g0%
Sugars7.8 g0%
Proteins0.1 g0%
Salt0 g0%

RDA = Recommended Daily Allowance


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