Stepluxe gel slippers


Stepluxe gel slippers


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Stepluxe slippers with gel foam core contain a soft, more comfortable cushion that absorbs shocks, providing relief, a revitalising effect, helping to reduce the impact when you walk, decreasing knee, leg and foot pain, offering greater support and comfort than traditional slippers, relaxing the lumbar area... above all, they provide wellness, comfort and softness.

Made of soft microfibre with resistant non-slip soles.

They adapt to your feet and won't lose their shape.

Get an extra touch of comfort for your feet.

Made of soft microfibre.

02 (Size M): 39-40.


Provide relief and a revitalising effect.

Reduce the impact on joints.

Help relieve pain.

Take the pressure off your feet and knees.

Very comfortable.

Soft microfibre.

Relax the lumbar area.

Resistant non-slip soles.

Washing machine safe.

Gel foam core.

Cushion the impact when you walk.

Wellness, comfort and softness.

Better posture, and beneficial for your body.

Better support and relaxation.


100% Polyester, TPR sole.

Polyester: Microfibre Polyester. Brown soft outer microfibre.

TPR: Thermal Plastic Rubber. TPR is a thermoplastic rubber. Thermoplastic is a type of plastic which, thanks to its chemical properties, is mouldable and flexible.......This material is used on the soles.

SBR: Styrene Butadiene Rubber. This is an elastomer, which are elastic synthetic polymers. This material is used for the black insole, where it is injected with gel.

EPE: Expanded Polyethylene. A type of foam made of polyethylene resin which has advantages compared to normal foam because of its flexibility and durability, and the fact that it can be easily returned to its original shape. This material is used in a thin cushioning layer.


Size S: 37-38.

Size M: 39-40.

Size L: 41-42.

Size XL: 43-44.