Oxygen Water natural still water

Oxygen Water

Oxygen Water natural still water


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The refreshing taste of VOSS sparkling water is the ideal complement for any type of good quality food and wine. This water also contains a much lower level of TDS than its direct competitors.

It is important to note that due to these TDS levels, this sparkling water contains fewer bubbles than its competitors, making it easier to drink. It is the water of choice for many celebrities, chefs and wine lovers around the world.

VOSS Water is a synonym for ultra premium product, as indicated by its exclusive distribution in upscale restaurants and hotels, as well as selected gourmet shops.

Europe - Austria
Ready to eat.
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The purity of VOSS water makes it the perfect complement for wine matchings, as well as any tasting or sampling, as it keeps the consumer hydrated and washes the palate without any additional flavour.


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