Assorted teas The Essential Kusmi Tea 24 bags

Kusmi Tea

Assorted teas The Essential Kusmi Tea 24 bags


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Exclusive blends (Prince Vladimir-Anastasia- Kashmir Tchai, St Petersburg and Imperial Label), wellness teas (Detox and Be Cool), flavoured green teas (Spearmint green tea, Jasmine green tea) and unflavoured teas (Russian Morning No. 24, Green Darjeeling and Darjeeling No. 37 Bio).

53 g
Other useful information
The best creations have been carefully selected to join the most indispensable Kusmi teas in a single box. And to double the pleasure, Essentials includes 2 bags of each variety.
Supplier information
Selection of teas:
32-34 RUE MARBEUF, 75002 Paris
Net weight
52.8 g
Black teas: 3-4' - 85/90°C Green tea: 3-4' - 75/80°C Imperial label: 4-5' - 75/80°C Herbal tea: 5-6' - 95/100°C
Allergens information
Selection of 12 teas: Prince Vladimir (Russian blend of Chinese black teas with bergamot, lemon, grapefruit, vanilla and spice flavouring), Anastasia (Russian blend of Chinese and Ceylon black teas with bergamot, lemon, lime and orange blossom flavouring), Detox (blend of yerba maté and green tea with lemon and limoncillo aroma), Kashmir Tchaï (blend of black teas and spices according to the traditional Nepalese recipe), Imperial Label (blend of Chinese green tea with orange, vanilla and cinnamon, liquorice roots and sea buckthorn flavouring), St Petersburg (Russian blend of Chinese black teas with bergamot, red berries, vanilla and caramel flavouring), Be Cool (rose and apple seeds, verbena and spearmint leaves, aniseed and liquorice roots), Organic Darjeeling No.37 (Black Darjeeling tea* . * PGI), Organic Darjeeling Green tea (Himalayan green tea), Russian Morning No.24 (Russian blend of teas from China, Ceylon and India), Nanah Mint Tea (Chinese green tea with Nanah spearmint), Jasmine Green Team (Chinese green tea with jasmine flower flavouring)


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