Types of heels by height and shape

Heels, a symbol of very personal elegance


Heels have been a symbol for women since the appearance of advertising and the rise of Hollywood cinema. This type of women's footwear has been, is, and will always be very successful because it slenderises the female figure and, on top of that, creates the impression of longer legs. The fashion industry offers heels of different heights, designs and materials, allowing women to choose from a myriad of possibilities to finish off outfits for the day-to-day, the office and special events.


To uncover the different types of heels for women we can distinguish them by height and by the shape of the heel. However, this classification is not absolute, and there can be multiple combinations depending on the creativity of designers, who aren’t known for setting limits.

Types of heels according to height


- Low or Kitten Heels: These are the lowest heels that can be found on the market, like those by Gloria Ortiz. They’re perfect for those women who don’t want to give up the elegance that this type of footwear offers. They pair perfectly with midi dresses or pleated trousers. 


- Mid Heel: The medium heel measures between seven and eight centimetres. Heels by Ralph Lauren are very versatile and perfect for pairing with a trouser suit, with jeans and a blouse, or even with an evening dress.


- High heel: This is the midpoint between the mid heel and the stiletto. Peep-toes by brands like Lodi slim the figure and look great with dresses of any length, as well as jeans or capri trousers. 


- Stiletto heel: The quintessential icon. Every symbol of beauty and sensuality is associated with this type of heel. These are the famous stilettos that are more than 10 centimetres high, perfect for evening outfits because they are very elegant. 


- Platform heel: Not only do they have the heel, they also have elevation on the sole, making them much more comfortable and stable when walking. You can find them in the form of sandals by brands like Fórmula Joven or La Strada and they go with everything.

Types of heels according to the shape of the heel

- Cone heel: The base is wider than the stiletto heel, so they offer more comfort while also offering height. The aesthetic of the heel is reminiscent of an inverted cone, and is usually seen in pumps or sandals, like those by Fun & Basics.

- Square heel: This is a thick heel which provides plenty of comfort and stability. There are different designs and materials, and they are very common in boots and ankle boots like those by Michael Kors. They’re suitable for any type of event and can adopt different heights.

- Cuban heel: this is a low, wide heel, typical of ankle boots. Ideal for women who value comfort above all else for the day-to-day. Some, like those by Hispanitas, pair perfectly with jeans, skirts or dresses, both long or short.

- Wedges: These are characterised by having the base and the platform together. They are very stable and, in addition to comfort, add style. They are typical of the summer season and usually have a very casual feel.