El Corte Inglés Extracomfort Heat-Regulating Visco Pillow

El Corte Inglés

El Corte Inglés Extracomfort Heat-Regulating Visco Pillow


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Pillow with high-density visco block and 100% Thermo Comfort® cotton case, helping to maintain the optimal temperature throughout the night for quality rest.

A medium support pillow that, in addition to its maximum adaptability to the shape of the neck and nape, is characterised by its ability to adapt to the thermal needs of the body throughout the various stages of sleep and thus prevent sweating. Extra comfort that will make a direct impact on your sleep.

The interior of the pillow case is made of 100% cotton which, in addition to its soft feel, ensures optimum absorbency, breathability and natural heat regulation of the skin.

General characteristics
Made of
100 % Memory foam
Filling composition
High-density viscoelastic foam block
Other useful information
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100% Thermo Comfort Cotton