4-season eiderdown duvet

4-season eiderdown duvet


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Mash 4 seasons 250 g eiderdown duvet + 150 g Eiderdown duvet.

This anti-mite eiderdown duvet is very versatile. Can be used all year, thanks to its format of two eiderdowns with different weights.

One of them, with 150 grams per square metre of fibre, is perfect for spring or fall. The other, with 250 grams per square metre of fibre, can be used for the beginning of winter and the transition into spring. By putting the two eiderdowns together, we can create a duvet for cold winter nights.

The eiderdowns can be joined using a system of snaps included in the pack. You can easily put them in and remove them from the filling when you need them, and as often as necessary. These snaps come in a bag that contains 8 hoops and buttons, the tool for putting them on and taking them off, and a booklet with simple instructions.

Dracon anti-mite fibre is a hollow silicone fibre which, thanks to its structure, helps insulate from cold and humidity, giving the product volume and softness.

The anti-mite treatment is applied to the fibre, and therefore its anti-mite, bacteria and fungus properties are resistant to washing and its effect will last the entire life of the eiderdown.

Dracon anti-mite fibre is a hollow silicone fibre that gives the product volume and softness.

General characteristics
Siliconised hollow fibre
Filling composition
150 gr/m2
250 gr/m2
Ecological product
Anti-mite treatment
Detalle partes
Parts detail
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