Small bags

Small handbags: an essential accessory


A wedding day is a very special time for everyone, especially for the bride and groom. However, we can’t deny that it’s also the perfect time to show off the best outfits, from makeup and hairstyles to dresses and shoes. And on many occasions it’s the details that make the difference, and this is true for accessories: a simple dress can become a stand out outfit with the right handbags and earrings.


There are certain rules of etiquette that everyone knows about for a wedding, like not wearing white or similar colours so you don’t steal the bride’s thunder; or short dresses for daytime weddings and long for those held in the evening. However, classic etiquette is losing momentum and there are certain rules that no longer make sense, such as that of matching shoes and bags.


Accessories are the star of the show for any look, handbags no less. For a wedding, it doesn't make sense to choose a large bag that’s out of keeping with the overall look of the outfit, but there’s also no point in choosing one that will never be used again. So you need to find a balance between practicality and elegance.


In this sense, the perfect handbag for a wedding would be small, but with enough space to fit your mobile phone, lipstick, some money and the house keys in it; with a handle or chain to make it easy to carry; and that goes with your chosen look, picking an understated one when the dress has a print or a bolder one when the dress is in the style of an LBD.


Among the different types of bags suitable for a wedding, the following stand out:


- The clutch: this is the most useful bag for this type of event. A party bag which is small, bold and elegant. This is carried in the hand, although there are different variations like the wristlet, which includes a bracelet to carry it by hanging it from the arm.


- The envelope-type bag: this is a very flat handbag with a flap fastening which makes it look like an envelope. It’s very elegant and can carry different designs and textures, allowing it to be used on another more informal occasion, although it doesn’t have space for a lot of things. 


- Jewel or minaudière bags: these are a work of art as they’re usually designed with precious stones or take different shapes, from a pearl to a rose. This type of bag was created to stand out at occasions as special as a wedding. Those by Gloria Ortiz promise to be a resounding success. 


- Box bags: these are very rigid and small, and are carried in the hand, although sometimes they do have a small chain for ease of carrying. They are halfway between the clutch and the minaudière. More affordable brands like Abbacino have a great offering of these types of bags.


There are wedding bags for every person

Despite widespread belief to the contrary, brides can absolutely carry a bag on their wedding day. It’s not common to see it, but brides also have personal things that they need to keep somewhere, and what better way to do it than in a bag to match the dress chosen for their big day. For example, a white wedding dress styles perfectly with a bag in silver, gold or bronze tones, as well as with beige, blue or pastel pink. Natural-coloured handbags are a great choice for brides.


However, if you want to break with tradition, it is possible to incorporate a more original or daring bag into the bridal outfit. In addition to colour, the personal style of each bride comes into play - she might choose a clutch or a minaudière featuring the details that best reflect her personality.


In the same way, bridesmaids can also carry bags to finish off their look. But don’t forget that the bridemaid’s dress must be in line with the bride's dress and that accessories mustn’t detract from the vision the bride has created for one of the most important days of her life.

You’ll find different types of wedding bags at Sfera El Corte Inglés, in all sorts of shapes, colours and materials. Renowned brands like Abbacino, Armani Exchange, Volum, Emporio Armani, Fórmula Jóven, Gloria Ortiz, Menbur, Roberto Verino and the El Corte Inglés brand, among others, make up the wide range of options available to complete a wedding outfit.