Kids’ Caps

Caps for boys and girls as a symbol of protection and fashion


The use of the cap dates back many centuries. Although it’s true that caps used to look more like hats, they’ve evolved to become an essential for sun protection. As we well know, children are very vulnerable to UVA rays and need to be protected.


Overexposure to the sun poses a risk to children’s skin and heads, and they can suffer from heat stroke. That’s why the cap is so useful: it protects the child's head from the sun's rays and their eyes with the visor.


The fashion world used to be very reluctant to include this accessory because the cap has always been associated with the lower class or sports, but its use has been universalised in the day-to-day thanks to baseball and the rise of urban music and it is now a style icon.

Boys’ caps featuring a wide range of designs

There are so many designs of the typical baseball caps for boys on the market featuring different patterns and colours. Little ones also follow trends, and Spanish children's fashion brands such as Brotes, Gocco or Dulces design and sell caps for boys, girls and babies.


El Corte Inglés has an impressive range of caps for little ones. For example, the Spanish brand Brotes has cheerful designs featuring different colours, textures, embroidery and prints that will make any child's outfit stand out. Other brands, like Accessories Collection, Freestyle, Tommy Hilfiger or Polo Ralph Lauren also have a wide variety on offer for all tastes.

For babies, boys and girls alike, there are also some very original caps which include a lot of colour, images and even little ears in their designs. Brands that stand out, in addition to those already mentioned, are Dulces and Gocco. Fashion and style don’t discriminate by age, so there’s no excuse not to be stylish at any stage of life.

Looks with caps for kids

As well as being a protective accessory, the cap is one more element of fashion and can be worn whether there’s a lot of sunshine or not. One way to include a cap in a girl's outfit is by styling it with shorts and a colourful T-shirt. Another more ground-breaking option is to wear a cap featuring a little more design with a dress for long summer walks.


In the case of kids, a cap can be worn with a denim outfit or other sporty outfit at any time of the year. A pair of pirate-cut jeans, a T-shirt featuring an original print and a cap will make any child feel like a style icon.


With caps, boys and girls will stand out with original and modern looks: they can give a cool touch or top off their sporty outfit, or create a more casual and sporty feel for their daily outfit. Without a doubt, it’s a stylish accessory children love that can’t be missing from their wardrobes.