Formal shoes for women: A symbol of empowerment

As the years have passed, women's footwear designs have evolved alongside empowerment of the female figure. Since entering the workforce, women have succeeded in combining fashion with effort, because they aren’t mutually exclusive. But the classics never go out of style and that’s why there’s a collection of formal shoes for women that are a safe bet for any look. As Marilyn Monroe said: “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.”

The elegance of women’s formal high-heeled shoes

Heels are a must-have for any woman's wardrobe because they slim the figure and turn any look into a success. These are the true classics:  

Stilettos: Since Dior introduced stilettos in 1940, these heels have become an essential in the fashion world These formal shoes with stiletto heels measuring between 7 and 10 cm offer different shades, textures and variants including high heels, pumps, peep-toesscarpines or court shoes like those from our brand Lodi. They can be styled with jeans and a blazer or with a short dress and patterned tights for a special occasion. 

Kitten heels: At barely 3 or 4 centimetres high, these heels are perfect for everyday wear. They can be styled with pencil skirts, blazer and trouser suits and even more formal dresses. Besides that, this formal style of shoe also suits a casual look: they pair perfectly with ankle grazers and a sweater or sweatshirt.

The comfort of formal flat shoes

Quite apart from being comfortable, flat shoes are available in lots of designs that are perfect for finishing off the best formal outfits such as those by Gloria Ortiz or Pedro Miralles. The most common are ballerinas and slippers:

Ballerinas: these formal flat shoes for women are characterised by their simple design and comfort. They let the instep breathe and usually have a rounded tip with a little heel. There are different variations such as pumps, ballerinas with a bow or ballerinas with a ribbon across the instep.

Slippers: These are another type of formal shoe with a semi-covered instep. They are usually made of suede or velvet, which gives them a more rigid and formal appearance. Some designs also have a small heel. Style them with women's chinos, perfect for going to work, or with shorts or A-line skirts for special occasions.

The magnetism of women's formal boots

This type of formal footwear for women is truly comfortable, slims the leg and is very easy to style. Find them by brands such as Pikolinos, and many more. Some of the designs are:

Ankle boots:  this option is very practical and a fundamental garment for the wardrobe. If you want more formality, it’s better to go for a dark tone with a medium, square heel. Style them with all kinds of garments, especially short dresses or dark jeans.

Mid-calf boots: this design finishes below the knee and pairs wonderfully with slightly floaty long skirts, elephant leg trousers and even A-line dresses and skirts. This type of women's boots are your best bet if you want to give your look more sophistication and elegance.

Other formal shoes

As well as that, for the summer season there are sandal designs that allow you to dress more elegantly and formally, like those by Dibia or Lola Cruz. With or without heels, they can be styled with jeans, shorts, long or short dresses, skirts or wide leg trousers.

If we’re looking at colour, the quintessential formal shoes are black. From sandals, to autumn boots or evening heels, black is always a safe bet and very easy to pair with any type of garment. The classics never go out of fashion!