Total Crunch Neoprene Waistband

Total Crunch

Total Crunch Neoprene Waistband


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The neoprene waistband uses Far Infrared (FIR) rays which help increase body temperature and burn excess fat, as well as improve your body's general physical condition, calming the nervous system and eliminating fatigue.


Adjustable size.

Special zips design.

Suitable for waists up to 127 cm.

For men and women.

Interior design with raised dots to promote sweating.

Its unique design with zips means it fits both men and women perfectly. Additionally, its contoured shape provides full freedom and flexibility of movement.

The Fit Belt helps you:

Burn excess fat, consuming extra calories and shaping perfect curves.

Stimulate blood flow.

Regulate the nervous system and eliminate fatigue.

Additionally, its contoured shape provides flexibility and full freedom of movement.


Open: 92 cm long x 25.5 cm tall.

Closed, with zip: 5 positions:

1st position: outline: 46 cm, height: 25.5 cm.

2nd position: outline: 44 cm, height: 25.5 cm.

3rd position: outline: 40 cm, height: 25.5 cm.

4th position: outline: 36 cm, height: 25.5 cm.

5th position: outline: 34 cm, height: 25.5cm.

65% Neoprene / 35% Polyester


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