Bluokobed Bluoko inflatable lounger


Bluokobed Bluoko inflatable lounger


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An original inflatable hammock, perfect for the outdoors.

With its surprising, easy and quick inflation system, in a few seconds it goes from a small, easy-to-carry bag to a comfortable couch for one or two people, thus preventing the uncomfortable and unhealthy postures common at the beach, camping, or with a group of friends in your backyard.

And when you're finished using your Blukobed, deflating it is simple, fast, and effective, once again becoming a small, lightweight bag that is easy to transport.

Its resistant, lightweight fabric—made of the same material as parachutes—means you can use Bluokobed again and again, on surfaces such as the beach, in the mountains, your yard, etc.


Fabric material: Nylon.

Interior plastic: 0.6 mm thick PVC.

Flexible straps material: PP.

Black fabric at the opening: PVC material.


Folded in the bag: 35x24x10 cm.

Extended: 260x70 cm.

Inflated: 200x90x65 cm.

Maximum weight allowed: 200 kg:

Product type
Sun loungers
1.4 kg