Nike Joyride Kinetic men's running shoes


Nike Joyride Kinetic men's running shoes


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Like a high-tech bean bag for your foot, the Nike Joyride Run Flyknit Running Shoe is crazy different than anything else. Tiny foam beads underfoot provide cushioning that conforms to your every step for comfort that stands up to your mileage. . Snug and Secure Flyknit is a super lightweight, breathable material that hugs your foot and keeps it in place. Synthetic material wraps from the inside of your foot to the top for a secure, conforming fit.. Zoned Durability Durable rubber is placed on the outside in high-wear zones. The raised nobs add traction.. Conforming Cushioning Tiny foam beads are contained in 4 strategically-placed pockets underneath your foot. They compress and adapt to your every step for a dynamic, stable feel.. Comfort Collar The 1-piece foam collar gives smooth, secure cushioning. The low-cut design feels comfortable around your ankle and makes the shoe easy to take on and off.

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