Nike men's shorts


Nike men's shorts


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Stretchy Shorts with tech-inspired style.

Run freely in the Nike Men's 2-in-1 Shorts. Soft, lightweight fabric gives you allover 4-way stretch, while the side panel and inner layer merge as one for greater flexibility in flight. . Don't Lose Your Top A storage tunnel of sheer mesh on the back waistband comes in handy when you peel off your shirt. The tunnel can stash a top or towel you loop through it and will stay in place as you run.. Flaps Conceal Pocket Zips Hand pockets zip up securely and feature a flap over each zip for tech-inspired texture. Back zip pockets supply extra storage. Wear Drawcord Your Way A 2-way drawcord on the waistband may be worn on the inside or outside. Soft outer layer features an allover camo print in a relaxed, tie-dye vibe. Mesh lining helps keeps you comfortable in motion..

90 % Polyester
10 % Elastane


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