Nike Power men's leggings


Nike Power men's leggings


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Cold Protection.

Nike Power tights, specifically designed for comfort during the colder months, are thicker than standard running tights for warmth. They are soft, elastic and have enough space to carry things during long runs. Freedom of movement and warmth. Nike Power fabric that provides elasticity and support. Knit fabric is thicker than standard running tights so you keep warm when it's cold. Softness and security. Design with unrestricted comfort, since it does not have the usual front seams that go up to the waist. The integrated lining offers a secure and firm fit. Lots of space to carry your stuff. Front zippered pockets offer ample and safe space. The mesh tunnel in the central back is designed to store the outer garment you use to heat. The zippered pocket on the right back and the envelope type pocket on the left are ideal for carrying small items. Waist to eliminate distractions. Low profile waist that is flat against the skin for a soft touch. The bi-directional cord can be worn inside or out for personalized comfort. Comfort with sweat capillarization. Dri-FIT technology to maintain breathability, comfort and concentration. Tight fit that fits the body. Alphanumeric code embossed at the waist. This product is not designed for use as personal protective equipment. Insertion with reflective design.

87 % Polyester
13 % Elastane


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