Nike Hybrid Mid Layer men's T-shirt


Nike Hybrid Mid Layer men's T-shirt


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T-shirt prepared for bad weather with a Japanese-inspired style.

Resist the bad weather and dress in the latest fashion with the Nike Tech T-shirt. Woven stretch panels on the front and back protect you against water and wind, while air flows through the pockets and the hem duct divided. Water resistant finish. The fabric mix is ??perfect for running when it rains. Woven fabric on the front and back panels keep rain and wind at bay, while the thickest point of the sleeves and shoulders offer you warmth. Comfort with sweat capillarization. Dri-FIT technology capillarizes skin sweat to maintain breathability, comfort and concentration. Unique storage and ventilation. Front pockets with magnetic closure protect your stuff. An open mesh lined section allows air to flow through the split hem inspired by kimonos. Standard setting for a comfortable and comfortable touch. Zippered cuffs with thumb holes maintain warmth and a snug fit. Stripe of reflective design in the center of the back.

100 % Polyester


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