Boomerang adult's diving kit


Boomerang adult's diving kit


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Adult diving kit with flippers + mask + snorkel.

Easy-to-adjust buckle.

Complies with standards BS EN 16805:2015 and BS 1972:2015.

For your own safety, please read the attached instructions.


The fastening strap ensures that the snorkel is firmly attached to the mask.

Curved mouthpiece for increased comfort.

Anti-splash protector to keep water out of the snorkel.

Valve for expelling water more easily.

Complies with standard BS EN 1972:1997.


Flexible flipper to minimise drag and for improved efficiency.

Whale tail-shaped flippers for increased thrust.

Fastens comfortably to the whole foot.

Diving mask:

Two curved lens pieces for improved vision.

High resistance tempered glass.

Adjustable head strap.

Complies with standard BS 4532:1969.

Equivalence in sizes:

Size 38 corresponds to sizes 38-39.

Size 40 fits sizes 40-42.

Size 43 fits sizes 43-44.

Size 45 fits sizes 45-46.

Product type
Diving kits
100% high-quality silicone