Nike Air Zoom Speed 2 children's running shoes


Nike Air Zoom Speed 2 children's running shoes


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So fast and so fly.

Super speedy, springy and cool—the Nike Air Zoom Speed 2 brings it all. The 2 Zoom Air pods underfoot add that extra bounce with every stride. With breathable mesh and easy lacing, these shoes are always race ready. On your marks, get set…GO!.

2 Zoom Air pods under the forefoot are pressurized and tuned right for growing feet. They're strategically placed for where feet strike for a bouncy feel.

Breathable mesh feels lightweight so you can stay cool and comfortable.

The new lacing system means 1 easy pull creates a snug and secure fit.

An overlay around the toe tip brings makes it durable if you drag your toes.

Foam cushioning and plush insole combine for a supersoft feel underfoot.

Padding around the ankle feels soft and comfy.

Exterior material:
Lining material:
Other materials
Other materials
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