Suunto 9 Peak Pro Suunto smartwatch


Suunto 9 Peak Pro Suunto smartwatch


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An ultra-thin, GPS multisport watch with superior battery life, military-grade durability and our most powerful processor yet.


Advanced processor.

Superior battery life.

Tough and durable.

Full-featured?sports watch.

Accurate? GPS and navigation.

Handcrafted in Finland.

Durability and looks, combined:

Suunto 9 Peak Pro is our most powerful multisport watch yet, with astounding battery life and military-level durability. The ultra-thin and timeless design makes it beautiful on the outside, too.

Introducing the new smooth interface:

In sports, every second counts. Thanks to the new powerful chipset, Suunto 9 Peak Pro reacts faster to your touch than ever before. We also completely redesigned the user interface, making it even more intuitive to use and easier to read.

New? processor: Thanks to the fully new chipset architecture, Suunto 9 Peak Pro is the most powerful watch ?Suunto?has ever made.

Fast user interface: The redesigned user interface looks sleek and is fast to use. Features such as exercise start are now quicker to access.

Great? readability: The new font is easier to read. Bigger numbers and contrasting colors make checking the information a breeze, even when on the go.

Best-in-class battery life and improved GPS:

Even on longer adventures, Suunto 9 Peak Pro is a reliable companion. It features the best battery life of similar-sized sports watches: up to 40 hrs in the best GPS mode.

The superior GPS allows you to see your location, pace and distance with greater accuracy, even in challenging environments.

40 hrs ?battery life training with the best GPS mode.

21 days? battery life in daily use.

Fast? charging: Suunto 9 Peak Pro is extremely fast in charging. It charges in 1 hour from empty to full and with 10 minutes charging you get enough battery for 2 hours training.

Extremely tough. Extremely elegant:

The robustness of the Suunto 9 Peak Pro was tested according to US military standards. Waterproof up to 100 meters, it is built from the highest quality materials, such as sapphire glass, stainless steel and titanium in selected versions.

Toughness can still look elegant. Together with its predecessors, the Suunto 9 Peak Pro is the thinnest GPS multisport watch on the market.

100 m ?waterproof: Suunto 9 Peak Pro is waterproof up to 100 meters. It can measure underwater depth up to 10 meters.

Tested? to military standards: Suunto 9 Peak Pro has gone through tests against temperature shocks, drops, pressure, sand, ice and salt. It is tested according to the highest military standard of toughness (*MIL-STD-810H).

10,8 mm thin body.

Made for adventures, from trails to underwater:

What's your exercise of choice? With presets for more than 95 sport modes, you're good to go whether you're at the gym or climbing a mountain. The daily activity and recovery reports help you maximise the benefits. Together with Suunto app, your watch helps you to stay on the right path on your adventure.

With a dedicated snorkeling mode, Suunto 9 Peak Pro is ready to accompany you on your underwater adventures.

95+ ?sport modes: Suunto 9 Peak Pro has presets for almost any athletic activity you can imagine: trail running, mountain biking, gym practice, tennis - you name it. Unlike the previous models, you can also take it to your underwater adventures!.

24/7? companion: Suunto 9 Peak Pro tracks your fitness level, fitness age, blood oxygen, calories, steps and more. Sleep, stress and recovery tracking help you form a basis for holistic wellbeing. It also connects to your phone with music controls, notifications and other useful features.

Navigation ?features: Navigation and staying on the right path has always been part of the Suunto DNA. Together with Suunto app, Suunto 9 Peak Pro offers maps and route planning for all sports needs and adventuring purposes.

Highlights for training:

Cycling with Suunto: Plan routes, use cycling-specific intensity zones and connect to partner services.

Performance and fitness tests: Measure your performance with tests like Cooper test and threshold test.

Plan your own workouts: Create your own interval workout to get real- time guidance via your watch.

Recovery status: Helps you understand how you are recovering and do you have the resources for next challenges.

Look for routes in Strava: Save Strava routes and sync them to your Suunto for navigation.

Pace your race: Our ghost runner feature give you tools to pace your effort in those weekly long runs or races.

Handcrafted in Finland:

Suunto 9 Peak Pro is made in the land of a thousand lakes, using 100% renewable energy. We are committed to minimising emissions by manufacturing high-quality devices that stand the test of time. Our design philosophy is to make our devices repairable to minimize waste and to lengthen the product life cycle.

100% ?renewable energy: Our HQ and factory where Suunto 9 Peak Pro is made are located in Vantaa, Finland and use 100% renewable, carbon neutral energy in all their operations. Read more (add link to sustainability page).

7,5 kg CO2e? created during life span: This is the amount of CO2e emissions created during the whole life span of one Suunto 9 Peak Pro, from gradle to grave. This includes all materials used in the production of the products (raw materials extraction, components, watch straps and packaging) together with other significant emission sources like logistics, usage, and recycling.

Since 1936? from Finland: It all began in Finland in 1936 and more than 80 years later Suunto is still innovating and supporting adventure. Profit alone is not enough; Suunto balances that with being a fair partner throughout the value chain, being a stable high tech employer, and always valuing quality-driven design.

Your sports, your style:

Suunto 9 Peak Pro is designed to be a perfect companion for a variety of sports and styles. Four stainless steel versions and two titanium editions make sure it's easy to find one that best fits your personality.

You can further customise the watch with different silicone straps - or a textile strap for a more rugged look.

Enhance your experience with Suunto app and SuuntoPlus™:

Suunto app helps you plan, analyse and share your routes, workouts and activity data. You can connect to over 200 partner apps, such as Strava, Komoot and TrainingPeaks.

Within the app, you'll find the SuuntoPlus™ Store, where you can customize your watch even further with new features and connected devices. Make it yours!.

Product type
Sport Watches
43 x 43 x 10.8 mm
64 g
1.2 '' Touch
Step counter
Sleep tracker
Trail Running
100 m


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