dinh van’s Minimalist Creations

November 3rd—2020

The Maison of dinh van combines iconoclastic design inspiration and a purity of shape to create haute-jewelry for everyday wear. Founded in 1965 by dinh van, after a tenure at Cartier, the Maison has become one of the leaders in modern jewelry design.


A Unique Approach

The collection applies minimalism as a standard, creating subtle pieces that are so unique that they almost have a maximalist quality. Each piece is inspired by other elements that on their own might be unremarkable, but when combined with artistic vision, become symbols of design innovation. A perfect example of this is the Pulse dinh van Pendant (in gallery above), inspired by today’s music. Sensual curves, glittering diamonds and warm pink gold combine to create a play of light that feels like a subtle musical beat.


The Iconic Square

dinh van, one of the first jewelry designers to showcase square shapes, created his Impression Collection around the shape for women who prefer the non-conventional. His Impression Ring and Impression Bracelet feature yellow gold with mother of pearl for a subtle style statement that also showcases a true appreciation for unique design.


The Signature Motif

One of the brand’s most powerful icons is the ‘Mono’ design and the Mono Earring Menottes dihn van R8 are as timeless as they are modern. In a pink gold, set with two diamonds, the curved shape is a symbol of a rebellious spirit and of union or attachment. Soft and feminine, yet powerful and direct, these earrings are an everyday statement of who you are.

One of dihn van’s favorite quotes sums up his vision perfectly. “Less is More.” ~ Ludwig Miles van de Rohe


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