The Emotional Side Of Scent

May 29th—2020

When we think of fragrance we usually think of perfume, but scent from candles also has a major impact on the way we feel and experience the world. Smelling a delightful aroma can be extremely pleasurable, but did you know that specific scents actually have such a powerful physiological effect that they can reduce stress and induce calm?


How we process a specific scent is also deeply rooted in memory. Happy memories like running through a field of grass or walking on the beach are intertwined with our sense of smell. If your childhood was filled with nature, you might gravitate towards fragrances that have woodsy or floral notes. If you grew up in the big city, you might prefer musky or spicy scents. Either way, the key is to experiment…expose yourself to different fragrances and feel.



Once you have identified scents that evoke positive emotions, then the easiest way to consistently expose yourself to these mood-enhancing wonders, is to light your favorite candle and let the aroma fill your home.