Fashion Makes You Happy

May 20th—2020

Fashion is one of the great expressions of self. It allows you to show your personality, to represent who you are and most importantly it actually makes you happy. Paying attention to your appearance can be thought of as vain, but it actually symbolizes a respect for oneself and impacts those around us.


Your brain loves novelty and fashion’s colors, patterns and textures have a direct effect on it triggering a euphoric reaction…yes happiness. It also dramatically affects your cognitive processes such as learning, memory, visual processing and problem solving. From an evolutionary perspective, this is because all new stimuli must be investigated and determined to be beneficial or dangerous. Pretty interesting stuff.


Wearing something new or different every day allows you to shift the way you express yourself which can give you a neurological boost to your mood and also your mindset.


We all know that color has a major effect on emotion and in these challenging times it is important to choose wisely. Reds and yellows create excitement and energy; blues are calming; greens promote stability and purple drives creativity…all so important right now.


While getting dressed up may not be #1 on your list of priorities right now, just remember that putting on a piece you love (even if just for your upcoming video conference) not only makes you a happier person, but also makes those around you happy as well. Seems like a such an easy way to give back or pay it forward.