Our Guide To The Home Workout

April 15th—2020



Staying fit, while staying home is not only easy, but can also be a great creative outlet as you need to have some ingenuity. Here are some of our favorite tips to keep you motivated.


Choose A Space


We know finding the perfect space can be challenging, especially if your home is smaller, but this is an important part of the process. Think about why you like to go to the gym or to a class…these are destinations that are familiar and that you associate with breaking that sweat. So why not create a destination of sorts at home.


Determine Your Routine


There are so many amazing online workout classes right now, so if class culture is your ‘jam’, just google away until you find one or a few that you find interesting. Then…this is very important…pick a time of day that works and stay consistent. If you don’t want to spend the money on an online class subscription right now, Instagram’s IGTV has so many free classes or even some fun workout challenges like ‘do a minute of jumping jacks, every hour on the hour’.


Idenitfy The Gear


If you aren’t already used to working out at home, you probably don’t have workout necessities like weights or bands or maybe even a yoga mat. Here is the fun, creative part…there are so many things you can actually find in your home that are great replacements. Water bottles or cans are perfect free weights; towels can double as bands as they can be used for anything isometric; your body weight can be just as effective as heavy weight lifting; your dog’s leash can be a great tool to help you stretch.


Include The Entire Family


If you have kids, this is such a great way to entertain them…come up with a little routine to get them moving (there are kid workouts online too). If you have a partner, use each other’s body weight to increase workout intensity (again make sure to look online for guidelines). If you are single and have a dog, play with him/her…this can be a great way to burn some extra calories.