Play Dress Up With Your Family

April 15th—2020



We have been so inspired by some of the fun at home activites people around the world are coming up with. One trend we are noticing is the idea of playing dressup or creating mock events. Families are using their imaginations in the most glorious of ways. Here are some ideas to spark your creativity.


Set Up A Restaurant


This is an easy idea that not only involves the entire family, but also has the ability to keep everyone busy for a while. Let your kids come up with the concept/name. Create an actual menu that includes a few courses…you just need paper and a pen or crayons. Cook the meal as a family (even the little ones can have a job). Create the setting…the perfect table, the music. Play dressup…everyone can come up with their own outfit for the occasion.


Have A Tea Party


The little ones love a good tea party, so why not create one in your backyard or even in your living room. The idea is to make this a grand event. Create a special setting, whether a table in the garden or even a tent made from blankets inside the house. Create the perfect menu of sweets and beverages…sometimes younger kids don’t actually like tea. Bake with the kids if you are so inclined…who doesn’t like to make cookies. Play dressup!

The key here is to simply create an immersive experience for everyone to enjoy…we all need a little distraction right now and something that creates a sense of wonder isn’t just magical, but can be quite transformative.